Propane Furnace H4

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Gas Forge Nargesa H4 has got four burners.

  • All burners may work independently. There´s no need to make them work altogether.
  • Working temperature, 1300ºC.
  • Adjustable pressure from 0,5 to 2 Bar.
  • Maximum consumption 1 Kg/h. per burner (x4).
  • Propane gas supply.
  • Combustion chamber isolated by ceramic fibre and refractory brick.
  • Useful inner cavity: 280mm width x 100mm height and 470mm depth
  • Removable back door to heat up steel bars in the middle.
  • Maximum capacity Ø 80mm.

Main advantages of using a propane gas furnace instead of a conventional carbon forge:

  • Fast reaching of working temperature.
  • It's clean and it does not produce harmful emisions for health.
  • Easy ignition.
  • Possibility of moving it to the working site:

Safety components:

  • Pressure reducer between the tank and the supply hose.
  • Flame check valve.
  • Thermal device valve: It cancels the gas supply in case of detecting anomaly.
  • Adjustable safety metal screen at the front part. It allows dodging any metal projections that might occur.
  • All components are standard and easy to get at any shop or harware store.
  • Furnace Nargesa H4 is delivered completely mounted.
  • Packaging with wooden pallet and 3-layered cardboard box, suitable for sea freight.
  • Optional: Wooden Packaging NIMF15.

Its simplicity, dimensions, easy ignition and fast reaching of optimum working temperature, make it a very versatile furnace.
Forging furnaces H1, H2 and  H4 are according to the European directives and regulation of manufacturing. CE


- 4 burners.
- Fast reaching of working temperature.
- Easy ignition like in an usual furnace.
- Propane feeding.
- Does not produce harmful emissions.
- Burners can perform separately.
- Combustion chamber isolated by ceramic fibre.
- Detachable back so metals bars could be heated in the middle.
- Manufactured according to the current directives.
- Pressure reducer between the container and the feeding tube.
- Check valve.
- Thermic device valve.
- Front safety screen.
 Gas Forges H4
Propane Furnace H4

Inner 470 mm / External 600 mm
Inner 280 mm / External 550 mm
Inner 100 mm / External 370 mm
Max. 1 Kg/h (x4)
De 0,5 a 2 bar
1300 ºC
35 Kg


Propane Furnace H4


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