Knuth Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System Hydro-Jet 3020 D

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Knuth Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System Hydro-Jet 3020 D

shown with twin-head drive

This Water-jet Cutter System allows cost-effective machining and delivers maximum cutting quality even for very large parts

Rigid base frame plus BHDT pressure booster pump Ecotron 40.37. The standard equipment includes a complete, integrated abrasives system.

  • Abrasive Cutting of steel, aluminum, marble, compound materials and much more
  • dual-drive bridge
  • dual linear guideways in X and Y
  • stainless steel tank and support grid
  • high-quality pre-loaded ball screws (recirculating spindle nut) with automatic lubrication for lasting high cutting precision
  • CNC controlled water pressure
  • CNC controlled abrasives feed
  • GPlus 450 Cut including grid nesting

The Water-Jet is a universal tool with many benefits:

  • no thermal stress and only minimal mechanical stress
  • no hardening or tension on the part
  • no dust, smoke or toxic fumes
  • small kerf width and very clean cut edges
  • virtually burr-free cuts = no rework necessary
  • direct plunge-cut at any position

ECOTRON 40.37 High-Pressure Pump – the Standard Pump for Hydro-Jet Cutters

  • maximum power and reliability for pure-water and abrasive cutting operations
  • maximum operator safety and low maintenance
  • hydraulic drive with axial-piston pump
  • Oil/water heat-exchanger for oil cooling system
  • pressure booster, complete with high-pressure tubing
  • Pulsation damper with pressure accumulator
  • relief valve integrated in the high-pressure circuit

The Hydro-Jet High-Pressure System with pressure transmitter is based on a high-pressure pump with hydraulic drive, pressure transmitter, pulsation damper, pre-filter unit, and pressure relief valve - all mounted on a common base frame.

The quick-relief valve maintains atmospheric pressure in the pipe system upon completion of the cutting process. Sound proofing enclosure is available to dampen the noise level and to protect the high pressure system.

A proportional valve to automatically control the water pressure via CNC control is included.

Specifications - Hydro-Jet 3020 D - Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System

cutting station  
cutting range 3000x2000 mm
travel Z-axis 250 mm
table load capacity 1500 kg/m²
fill capacity of sand container (max) 1000 kg
sand infeed for cutting (max.) 0 - 500 g/min
rapid feed 25000 mm/min
work feed 0 - 8000 mm/min
positioning accuracies ± 0,1 mm / ± 0,004"
repeatabilities ± 0,05 mm / ± 0,002"
measures and weights  
overall dimensions 7100x4600x2250 mm
weight without water 2000 kg
weight with water 6600 kg
motor rating 37 kW
flow rate 3,8 l/min
max. operating pressure 4000 bar
max. continuous operating pressure 3800 bar
stroke number 35 rpm
gear ratio 1:21,78
oil tank capacity 130 l
environmental temperature for oil/air cooler 10 - 35 °
required air pressure 1,48 kg/s
environmental temperature for oil/water cooler 10 - 45 °
water infeed 0,5 "
water pressure, with booster pump 1 - 3 bar
waste water connection 3/8 "
high pressure connection, 3/8" and 9/16" HP pipe M30x2
air supply 5,5 - 7 bar
compressed air connection for tube (OD) 6 mm
required power connection 125 A
high pressure pump dimensions 1800x850x955 mm
weight 950 kg

Control - Hydro-Jet 3020 D - Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System

GPlus 450 Cut

The GPlus 450Cut features a customized user interface that was specifically designed to meet the special requirements for 2-D cutting

  • Easy, user-oriented operation allows quick creation of programs
  • Geometry imports from DXF and DIN/ISO program files
  • Faulty geometries can be repaired and edited with the integrated DXF Analyzer
  • 50 standard macros simplify the creation of a wide variety of geometries
  • instant display of all starting cut changes in the drawing with simulation option
  • optimum material utilization via grid nesting function with critical features like turning, mirroring, and manual sorting
  • automatic cutter head distance calculation for systems with more than one cutter head
  • material database with plate management function - for the management of all customer-specific data on machined materials, including cutting technology data, and dimensions
  • optimum contour approach made possible by a multitude of definable starting cut conditions differentiating between circular and non-circular inside and outside contours
  • zoom feature - enlarges the part view and all starting cuts
  • User-friendly HMI allow modification of any cutting parameters during cutting, plus easy operation including all required service messages
  • Cutting and marking in one program
  • Option: contour nesting for nesting several part types on one plate - ensures optimum plate utilization and time savings
  • After interruption of a work process, machining may be resumed at the last position
  • calculation assurance: machining time and material consumption can be quickly determined using the cut simulation
  • Online Help: we provide prompt and proficient online support
  • Industrial PC-based CNC
  • block processing time: 450 NC blocks per sec
  • 40 GB hard drive storage
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron processor
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface (to load NC programs from a network)
  • USB port for data transfers


Standard equipment - Hydro-Jet 3020 D - Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System

GPlus 450 Cut control with TFT monitor, electronic hand-wheel, control panel, GPlus 450 Cut Software, grid nesting, high-pressure pump ECOTRON 40.37, proportional valve, check valve, HD filter at the cutter head, abrasive cutter head, abrasives tank (1000 kg), abrasives conveyor system, automatic Z axis with collision guard, operating manual and programming instructions

Accessories / Tools - Hydro-Jet 3020 D - Gantry-Type Water-jet Cutter System

Dual head operation
Starter Kit
Sound proofing pump enclosure for Ecotron 40.37 + 35.11
Oil / air cooler for ECOTRON 40.37
Laser Pointer
Vacuum system for abrasive-mud removal, 8 m2
Software option for contour nesting
Light curtains on 2 sides
Light curtains on 3 sides
Light curtains on 4 sides
Präzisionsabtastung mit 3D Taster

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