Knuth Laser Cutting System F.LASER 1530 YLS-4000

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15500 kg

Knuth Laser Cutting System F.LASER 1530 YLS-4000


Large-Format Laser Cutting System with Changer Table and up to 4100 W power

Fiber lasers are perfect for cutting metallic materials, even highly reflective metals, like aluminum and copper alloys

  • high cutting efficiency at low operating costs and long machine life are distinct features of this laser source type
  • maintenance-free: beam is guided by a flexible optical fiber - no cleaning of mirror optics required
  • changer table with hydraulic height adaptation - loading and unloading of cut parts is possible during the cutting process
  • heavy machine frame and rigid bridge are made of a carefully manufactured, annealed, stress-free weldment to provide the necessary rigidity during machining of heavy plates and to ensure maximum process stability
  • Flying Optics - dual-drive bridge with maintenance-free precision rack-and-pinion gears moves quickly across the work area for precise positioning of the cutter head
  • Direct-Drive: digital servo motors ensure high dynamics, vibration-free operation and maximum precision for optimum cutting conditions
  • Handling - standard electronic hand-wheel for easy manual positioning of cutter head and setup of new and residual plates
  • an integrated conveyor belt system removes slag, and a grid-type support area allows plate residue to drop down for easy removal of small parts without interrupting the production process
  • special safety glass window allows monitoring of the cutting process in the enclosed, lighted work area

High-capacity cutter head

  • the HPSSL high-capacity cutter head ensures constantly high cutting speeds and cut quality even at varying operating temperatures
  • digitally adjustable work distance between cutter nozzle and workpiece
  • quick change-over between three focal lengths without changing the Tool Center Point (TCP)
  • simple manual focus position adjustment to maximize cut quality at various plate thicknesses
  • protective window can be replaced as consumable part to ensure extra long life of the focusing lens

Specifications - F.LASER 1530 YLS-4000 - Laser Cutting System

travel X-axis 1530 mm
travel Y-axis 3030 mm
travel Z-axis 95 mm
machining height (max.) 900 mm
workpiece weight (max.) 1000 kg
rapid feed 120000 mm/min
axis acceleration 15 m/s²
positioning accuracy ± 0,02 mm / ± 0,00079"
repeatability ± 0,01 mm / ± 0,00039"
machine length 8675 mm
machine width 2965 mm
weight including changer table 15500 kg
Fiber laser YLS-4000  
beam power 4100 W
power consumption 16 kW
cutting capacity in structural steel 20 mm
cutting capacity in stainless steel 12 mm
cutting capacity in aluminum 10 mm

Control - F.LASER 1530 YLS-4000 - Laser Cutting System


  • intuitive operator navigation
  • graphics of cutting lines
  • CAD to CUT - for importing DXF/DWG files
  • larger color monitor with touchscreen operation
  • integrated plate/sheet management
  • unrestricted starting point definition
  • on-board nesting
  • resumes contour at the correct point after a cut interruption or power failure
  • USB port and network connectivity
  • LANTEK EXPERT Nesting Software is included

Standard equipment - F.LASER 1530 YLS-4000 - Laser Cutting System

complete system with CNC control, IPG fiber laser, optical fiber, cutter head with capacitive height sensing, changer table system (2 support grids) with hydraulic unit, laser protection booth, coolant regeneration, operating manual and programming instructions

Accessories / Tools - F.LASER 1530 YLS-4000 - Laser Cutting System

PL 4000 Vacuum system
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