Column Drilling Machine AB 26/SV 1.6 kW

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Product No.:
AB 26/SV 1.6 kW
No longer available (abroad may vary)
Weight per unit:
440 kg

AB Series

Trendsetters for high performance drilling. Unmatched and highly precise.

Column Drilling Machine AB 26/SV 1.6 kW

Dilling Performance in Steel E 335 St 60 26 mm
Drilling Performance in Cast-iron EN-GJL-200 30 mm
Drilling Capacity in Steel E 335 St 60 30 mm
Tapping Performance  
in Steel E 335 St 60 M 20
in Cast-iron EN-GJL-200 M 24
Tool Taper (short spindle) MT 3
Distance Spindle to Column 293 mm
Table Clamping Area 515 x 360 mm
T-Slots, number x width x distance 2 x 14 x 224 mm
Distance spindle/table min./max. 90/675 mm
Column Diameter 115 mm
Z-Travel of Spindle 160 mm
Feeds 0,1-0,2-0,3-0,4 mm/Rev
Net weight approx. 440 kg
Drive System infinitely variable
Motor 750 / 1500 Rpm
Performance 1,0 / 1,6 kW
Spindle Rpm range: 120-2200
Standard Equipment:

    Electro-magnetic feed clutch with Electrical Cross Handle Switches
    Main Switch (lockable) with Overload Circuit-Breaker
    Feed Overload Clutch
    Self-Locking Mushroom Button for EMERGENCY OFF switch
    Infinitely variable speed drive
    Digital RPM Read-out
    Protection Class IP 54
    Spindle protection electrically secured
    Machine oil
    Motor Protection Class ‘’F’’ (155 degr. C)
    Lacquer: DD-structured grey RAL 7035, anthracite RAL 7016, alu RAL 9006

10. Spindle Reverse switch for Anti-clockwise rotation with 0-position (not with pos. 20.0 + 20.1)

12. Haloflex Machine Light, adjustable (Halogen 12 V/IP 64)

20.0 Tapping Attachment, (automatic reverse) w/o foot switch,
max. 6 tapped holes per minute (tapping capacity depending on Rpm speed)

20.1 Tapping Attachment, (automatic reverse) with additional foot switch,
max. 6 tapped holes per minute (tapping capacity depending on Rpm speed)

24. Coolant Attachment A*, consisting of:
Coolant Base plate with grinded surface 320 x 320 mm and 2 slots, overload-protected pump and accessories (for AB 26/SV and AB 34/SV only)

25. Coolant Attachment B separate container (33 l),
with overload-protected pump and accessories

37.1 Digital Depth Read-Out 0-fixation (drill start), 5 position LED-Display, characters 13 mm high

37.3 Automatic Drill Depth Control with: Simple Drill Depth programming,
interval drilling and free cutting possibility.
Settings by means of Digi-Pot, Digital Read-Out, includes Position 37.1

50.6 Precision Depth Adjuster and fixed stop, precision adjustment to 0,1 mm

08. Wooden Packing w x d x h 1200 x 800 x 2100 mm Verpackungsgewicht ca. 75 kg

*) net weight increases with 80 kg

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