Alzmetall AC 32-turret

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Product No.:
AC 32/R
No longer available (abroad may vary)
Weight per unit:
860 kg

AC Series

High-End CNC drilling Automated and flexible series drilling

Alzmetall AC 32-turret

Drilling Performance in Steel E 335 St 60 20 mm
Drilling Performance in Cast-iron EN-GJL-200 23 mm
Drilling Capacity in Steel E 335 ST 60 20 mm
Tapping Performance  
In Steel E 335 St 60 M 16
In Cast-iron EN-GJL-200 M 20
Tool Taper (short spindle) SA 30
Table Clamping Area 614 x 370 mm
T-Slots (number x width x distance) 2 x 14 x 224 mm
Column Diameter 145 mm
Distance spindle/table min./max. 160 mm
Feed 1-3000 mm/min
Control Autom. turret drill head ARBO 20 with 6 stations, 6 spindles on demand acc. to separate list, incl. spindle protection, flange quill, increased column length, special software, coolant attachment A, without protection cover around machine table.
Net weight approx. 550 kg
Drive System infinitely variable
Motor 1500 Rpm
Performance 3 kW
Spindle Rpm: 55-5000
Standard Equipment

    Table adjusting and blocking at back side of machine
    Full thermal motor protection class F, max. temp. 155 °C
    Infinitely variable speed drive
    Protection class IP 54, control voltage 24 V
    Self-Locking Mushroom Button for EMERGENCY OFF switch
    Main switch, lockable
    Techno computer delivering automatically cutting data with additional dialog keyboard for special functions such as: tapping, step drilling, deep hole drilling, counter sinking/facing, intermittent feed
    Drilling depth programming with automatic up and down rapid feeds
    Precision synchronized rigid tapping w/o compensation chuck over the complete Rpm range, max. 10 tapped holes/min. (Rpm dependent)
    Special Software for free DIN/ISO programming
    Drilling depth input by numeric keys
    Zero point setting with separate remote control unit
    Working hours recorder for feed, spindle and work piece numbers
    Spindle Protection with electric security
    Lacquer: DD-structured grey RAL 7035, anthracite RAL 7016, alu RAL 9006

12. Haloflex Machine Light, adjustable (Halogen 24 V/IP 64)

17. Foot Emergency Off Switch

25. Coolant Attachment B, separate container (33 l), with overload-protected pump and accessories

33. Mechanic. and Electric. Preparation for Index table, turret drill-head or clamping fixture |upon request

34. Further division of Index table up to end limit upon request switch after 360 degrees |upon request

40.5 Data Interface V.24/RS-232C for input and output of programmes from/to external memory units or for printing programmes

40.7.1 Special Software for free programming of control cycles, i.e. turret head, index table etc.

47.3.1 Steep Taper ISO Spindle DIN 2079-30 only for multi-spindle or turret drill head

47.3.3 Steep Taper ISO Spindle DIN 2079-30 Tool clamping by means of collect chuck and cup springs for clamping by steep taper shaft DIN 69871 with draw-in bolt DIN 69872.
Tool clamping and releasing electrical. In connection with item 48. reduction of spindle stroke by 25 mm turret drill head

48. Flange Quill for mounting a multi-spindle head or turret head, less 20 mm travel, max weight 50 kg recommending pos. 47.3.1

49. Coolant Supply for Multi-spindle Head (upon request) per spindle, only when mounted at Alzmetall

01. Special Lacquer DD-polished

02. Special Lacquer DD-structured

03. Cramp-iron Set

04. Installation and Training of Operators (upon request) approx. 6 hours, costs distance-depending, ordering 3 weeks in advance

05. Special Voltages upon request

08. Wooden Packing for AC32 (wooden crate) standard

08. Wooden Packing for AC32 (wooden crate) for AC32/HST and turret

* = net weight increases with 60 kg

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