Bison 3-Jaw Power Chucks With Through-hole 2409-200-66

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Bison 3-Jaw Power Chucks With Through-hole 2409-200-66


Power Chucks and Hydraulic Cylinders - Power Chucks - Power Chucks With Through-hole - 3-Jaw

  • Plain back mounting (DIN 6350)
  • Hard top jaws
  • Imperial serration 1/16”x90°


  • Manufactured from high grade alloy steel which extends machine life while providing higher rigidity and greater wear resistance
  • The unique design enables a direct power transmission to the master jaws effectively counteracting the loss of gripping force and therefore resulting in high power transmission efficiency
  • Hardened and ground working surfaces ensure longer life with maintained accuracy and repeatability
  • Large through-hole works well with high rotational speeds
  • Master jaws secured against throw-off
  • Master jaws and chuck body lubricated directly
  • Unbalance G 6,3
  • Flat back mounting
Standard equipment:
Hard Top Jaws   T-Nut
Hard Top Jaws


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