Metallkraft CNC controlled press brake with 5-axis drive GBP-S 3050-320

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Product No.:
382 3033
Weight per unit:
17500 kg

Metallkraft CNC controlled press brake with 5-axis drive GBP-S 3050-320


GBP-S 3050-175 mshown

·  DNC control „CYBELEC“ MODEVA 10  with color monitor
·  The following axis are CNC controlled by default (Y1 and Y2) 2 linear sensors at the upper beam control the desired position
(X) Rear limit stop adjustment 650 mm
(R) Height adjustment of the  rear limit stop 250 mm
·  Control mounted on the slewable arm
·  Contactless follow protective device: Make „FIESSLER“ AKAS II M with press safety control and manual height adjustment mounted onlinear guides
·  Automatic indexing of the folding press when starting
·  Upper tool clamping with connecting pieces (Type AMADA / PROMECAM) - only for machines of up to 400 tons, from 400 tons heavy duty reception
·  Adjustable die holder, where it is possible to fine adjust the wedges
 · Motor driven table crowning  „WILA“ (standard)

·  Linear guided rear limit stop, driven via ball screw
·  Top beam with solid,  low maintenance quadruple guiding
·  Double fusing (electronic and electric) against too much inclined position
·  Electrohydraulic synchronism of the upper beam to 0.01 mm above proportional valves
·  2 slidable front support arms with T slot  and rocker stop mounted on linear guiding
·  Laterally manually adjustable rear limit stop finger mounted on linear guiding

·  CNC controlled rear limit stop (X- and R-axis)
·  Reduction of the oil quantity between the right and left cylinders controlled via the control
·  Continuous monitoring of the relative position between the two cylinders during  the bending process
·  Direct programming of the bending angle
·  Programming of the inclined position of the  top beam (Y1, Y2)
·  Pre-programming of the tool library

·  Programming of the bending and  return speed
·  Hydraulic cylinder  honed and hard chromed  for maximum durability
·  Manual, semi- and fully automatic working mode
·  Calculation of tonnage / Programming by the CNC control
·  Two synchronised cylinders with “high performance” hydraulic components
·  High quality linear transducer of an accuracy of 0.01 mm and integrated linear guidings

 C-shaped sensor mounting for the compensation for the side frame deflection Cylinder produced from one piece
Hydraulic protected by overpressure valve Large hydraulic oil tank in order to  keep the operating temperature low
Mobile foot pedal and Emergency-Stop function Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz
Electrical overload protection


Metallkraft CNC Gesenkbiegepresse 5-Achsen-Antrieb
2D-control CYBELEC Modeva 10S
Economic and efficient producing with the programmable control in relation with the serial Y1-, Y2-, X- and R-axis drives. 
To program a workpiece, the operators only have to enter the material, bending angle and bending length.
Then, select the bending punch and the die. Stretched length, pressing force, crown bow as well as the stop
depth and stop height are automatically calculated.
The bending can also be programmed and simulated via a 2D-layer. The bending sequence and the processing are given by the control as 2D-simulation and clear text.
Metallkraft CNC Gesenkbiegepresse 5-Achsen-Antrieb
Sonderanfertigung Hinteranschlagfinger
Metallkraft CNC Gesenkbiegepresse 5-Achsen-Antrieb
·    R-Achse (Standard)
    X-Achse (Standard)
Metallkraft CNC Gesenkbiegepresse 5-Achsen-Antrieb
Werkzeugklemmung (Standard)
Metallkraft CNC Gesenkbiegepresse 5-Achsen-Antrieb
Hydraulische Werkzeugklemmung (Option)
Modell GBP-S 3050-320
Artikel-Nr. 382 3033
Technische Daten
Presskraft 320 t
Biegelänge (A) 3050 mm
Distanz, Ständerdurchlass (B) 2600 mm
Y Eingang 530 mm
Y Eilgang 100 mm/sek
Y Rückzugsgeschwindigkeit 100 mm/sek
Einbauhöhe (D) 630 mm
Tischbreite (G) 104 mm
Tischhöhe (F) 900 mm
Hub (C) 265 mm
Ausladungstiefe (E) 410 mm
Anzahl Auflagekonsolen 2
Hinteranschlagsgeschwindigkeit der X-Achse 500 mm/sek
Motorenleistung 37 kW
Öltank Kapazität 250 l
Länge (L) 4250 mm
Tiefe (W) 1700 mm
Höhe (H) 2750 mm
Gewicht ca. 17500 kg
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