Bison Power Chucks with Pneumatic Cylinder 2500-630-275-SPR

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Bison Power Chucks with Pneumatic Cylinder 2500-630-275-SPR

Power Chucks and Hydraulic Cylinders - Power Chucks - Power Chucks with Pneumatic Cylinder

  • Large through hole
  • Hard top jaws
  • Spring-loaded gripping


  • Power chucks with spring-loaded gripping are mainly designed for gripping of tubes or other objects of similar shape
  • The workpiece is clamped by means of set of springs and release – with a pneumatic cylinder installed inside the chuck
  • Air supply is provided through a fixed feeder fastened to the headstock
  • Large through-hole enables gripping of tubes up to 275 mm diameter
  • Made of high quality alloy steel
  • Working surfaces of all parts are hardened and ground
  • Stiff structure and large through-hole
  • Direct lubrication of jaws and pulling sleeve
  • Double stroke of jaws (quick tool input and slow gripping)
  • Gripping with set of springs
  • Release with compressed air
  • Unbalance class G 6.3
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