Bison Power Chucks with Pneumatic Cylinder 2501-500-230

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Bison Power Chucks with Pneumatic Cylinder 2501-500-230

Power Chucks and Hydraulic Cylinders - Power Chucks - Power Chucks with Pneumatic Cylinder



  • The chucks may be used with lathes with the spindle allowing the mounting of two chucks at it's both ends. The double chucks spindle configuration increases gripping force and clamping stability of long objects
  • These power chucks with pneumatic cylinders and steady pressure distributors (attached to the head-stock) are especially designed for holding long pipes or similar work-pieces
  • Manufactured from high grade alloy steel which extends machine life while providing higher rigidity and greater wear resistance
  • Hardened and ground working surfaces ensure longer life with maintained accuracy and repeatability
  • Large through-hole
  • Master jaws secured against throw-off
  • Master jaws and chuck body lubricated directly
  • Built-in safety valve ensures the maintenance of pressure in piston chambers in the event of a drop in operating pressure
  • Control device for pressure check in gripping chamber
  • Extended double stroke (rapid idle stroke and slow gripping stroke)
  • Unbalance G 6,3
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