Knuth RTS 320 Swibelable Rotary Table

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133 kg

Knuth RTS 320 Swibelable Rotary Table

  • completely enclosed design, prevents contamination from dirt and chips
  • setup table rotates on a large, ring-shaped, oil-bath lubricated, guideway
  • the very effective clamp pulls the setup table down straight, without any change of position or radial pressure and presses it against the guideway
  • for quick manual turning, the worm can be disengaged from the worm gear by pushing down the hand-lever
  • setup table with 360° scale
  • the zero-backlash of worm and worm gear is adjustable
  • the high precision worm gear is almost as large as the rotary table
  • hardened, ground and oil-bath lubricated worm
  • worm gear ratio 90:1
  • hand wheel scale gradation 10''
  • hand wheel can be replaced with indexing plate


  • face concentricity of work table setup surface
  • concentricity of setup
  • parallelism of setup to base surface
  • concentricity of setup table taper bore
  • parallelism of table setup to transverse slot
  • d ivision accuracy 45"

Specifications - RTS 320 - Swibelable Rotary Table

morse taper MT 4
ratio 1:90
measures and weights  
weight 133 kg

Accessories / Tools - RTS 320 - Swibelable Rotary Table

INDEX-feature / RT 160-320 1
Tailstock / RT 320


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