Knuth Laser Cutting System Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600

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Knuth Laser Cutting System Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600


Flexible, functional, and space-saving machine with low investment cost and low operating cost


CO2 lasers with various laser beam strengths Fiber lasers available upon request.

  • Laser Cutting Systems with extremely small foot-prints
  • minimum requirements for the setup site
  • minimal installation requirements
  • excellent cut quality ensured by high-quality beam and rigid machine structure
  • compact machine layout for easy feed of material and removal of cut parts
  • user-friendly, application-oriented operating software with integrated technology database (Cutting Chief inside)
  • lowest operating cost and longest maintenance intervals (remote system diagnostics via Advanced Remote Control)
  • minimum emissions due to exhaust vacuum above workpiece board
  • filigree contour cuts with pulsed laser-jet
  • separate thick plates with full CW laser power, and cut thin plates with power plus high cutting speed
  • controlled focus retracing via capacitive height scanning ensures highest cut quality
  • automatic cutting process guidance during plunge-cuts, cut corners plus small and large radii (Cutting Chief inside)
  • integrated toggle between 2 cutting gases, each with 2 pressure levels
  • flexible cutting of various metals
  • labeling of cut parts with the same cutter head
  • cutting of non-metallic materials is possible after retrofitting (optional)

Specifications - Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600 - Laser Cutting System

cutting station  
travel X-axis 2500 mm
travel Y-axis 1250 mm
travel Y-axis extension (optional) 1500 mm
travel Z-axis 70 mm
workpiece support height 1000 mm
throat width 2850 mm
throat height 60 mm
max. workpiece weight 1 kg/dm²
rapid feed 60000 mm/min
CO2 laser/K>0,8  
shaft length 10,6 µm
beam power 600 W
pulse peak power (max.) 2 kW
pulse frequency 1000 Hz
laser gas Premix LASAL 81
power consumption 7 kW
positioning accuracies ± 0,05 mm / 0,002"
repeatabilities ± 0,05 mm / 0,002"
measures and weights  
overall dimensions 3850x3020 mm
weight 2100 kg

Control - Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600 - Laser Cutting System

GPlus Cut 4000 B

Powerful PC Control for the Laser-Jet

  • innovate hardware with a modular design (including self-diagnostics for every individual module)
  • rapid data refresh rate (0.25 ms clock time = 4000 Hz for position control)
  • large data storage for extensive cutting jobs
  • PLC and NC kernel are protected against Windows crashes (BSoD0)
  • 3 USB port for data transfers and internet connection (allows remote control of machine by the customer and remote diagnostics by the manufacturer for application consultation and system analysis - Advanced Remote Control)
  • user-friendly, easy-to-learn HMI (separate windows for manual operation, data entry, cut simulation, automatic operation)
  • automatic parameter settings via technology database (parameters can be adjusted during cutting operation to optimize the cut; cutting geometries can be directly imported from DXF, DIN/ISO files)
  • pre-selected routines to guide the cutting process along a contour (Cutting Chief Inside)
  • easy resuming of cutting process after an interruption

The optional CAD-CAM Software Packages include:

  • easy cutting program creation without any CNC knowledge, geometry imports from DXF, DWG, DIN/ISO files
  • analyzer for testing and editing of geometry files
  • 50 macros with configured standard geometries
  • technology assignment for engraving label text and cutting contours
  • automatic design of starting cuts, insertion of lands, bridges and chain cutting programming, starting cuts from the edge
  • Grid Nesting
  • extension for parquet, contour and manual nesting, for the creation of common cut lines and separation cuts to remove plate material excess, excess material management
  • extension for calculation of cutting time and parts cost

Technological Equipment

  • IPC: Intel Pentium M 1.8 GHz, 1024 MB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, 6 x USB 2.0
  • Windows XP Professional 32-bit, 3 x Ethernet 10/100, Fieldbus EtherCAT
  • I/O: Bus terminals according to Beckhoff, New Automation Technology
  • CNC: TwinCAT NC I + NC PTP + TwinCAT PLC as Multi-PLC
  • CADCAM (optional): cncCUT in PC Version 2D (IBE Software) + GPlus/Laser – Post-Processor

Standard equipment - Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600 - Laser Cutting System

complete system with PC control, CO2 laser, optics for beam path, high-pressure cutter head, capacitive height sensing, toggle for cutting gas/cutting pressure, support grid for metal cutting, automatically moving guard plate, coolant regeneration, operating manual and programming instructions

Accessories / Tools - Laser-Jet 2512 SM 600 - Laser Cutting System

Vacuum and filter system
Upgrade for non-metal work
Feed table for non-metal work
Coolant return cooler upgrade
Purge air regeneration
Replacement lens socket
Optics adjustment & cleaning set
Hand-wheel positioning system
CAD-CAM software (grid nesting)
CAD-CAM software extension
Calculation software
Y axis extension to 1500 mm
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