Knuth Horizontal CNC Machining Center Quadrant 1000

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Knuth Horizontal CNC Machining Center Quadrant 1000


Horizontal Bed-type CNC Milling Center with rotary table - maximum precision plus maximum machining power

  • heavy machine body and special T-bed design for utilizing the advantages of horizontal machining plus superior rigidity allowing high workpiece weights
  • machine bed, table and column are made of premium cast-iron to provide optimum damping properties
  • wide box-ways on the machine bed ensure superior stability and excellent geometrical accuracy
  • the wide table console and the on Y traversable column rest securely on the guides across the entire travel distance; no tilting moment, reduced wear
  • large T-slot rotary table can be positioned in increments of 1º allowing cost-effective multi-sided machining of complex and large workpieces in one setup
  • the massive headstock with a torsion-free and bending-resistant main spindle moves on premium bearings in a heavily ribbed machine column with large linear guideways
  • powerful servo drives and preloaded ball screws ensure optimum dynamics and precision
  • the tool-changer with dual-arm gripper and 24 tool stations is mounted outside the work area, where it is well protected and easily accessible
  • optional tool changers with 32 or 40 stations are available
  • the Fanuc control provides maximum reliability and functionality
  • the easily accessible enclosure is included in the standard equipment and features a high-performance coolant system and a chip conveyor
  • automatic central lubrication for low-maintenance operation

Specifications - Quadrant 1000 - Horizontal CNC Machining Center

working area  
travel X-axis 1000 mm
travel Y-axis 800 mm
travel Z-axis 900 mm
minimum turning angle, indexing table 1 °
table dimensions 630x630 mm
table load capacity (max.) 2000 kg
number of T-slots 5 Pieces
T-slots, width 18 mm
T-slots, spacing 125 mm
spindle speed 6000 rpm
spindle nose-to-table distance 200 - 1100 mm
spindle mount BT 50
spindle center-to-table distance 0 - 800 mm
rapid feed X-axis 15000 mm/min
rapid feed Y-axis 12000 mm/min
rapid feed Z-axis 15000 mm/min
work feed 1 - 5000 mm/min
number of tool stations 24 Pieces
tool size Ø x L (max.) 125x350 mm
tool weight max. 18 kg
positioning accuracy 0,02 mm
repeatability 0,01 mm
accuracy, indexing table 6 "
repeatability, indexing table 2 "
drive capacity  
motor rating main drive (cont./30 min) 15/18,5 kW / 20/25 Hp
total power consumption 45 kVA
measures and weights  
overall dimensions 4300x4000x3050 mm
weight 12500 kg

Control - Quadrant 1000 - Horizontal CNC Machining Center

Fanuc 0i-MD mit Manual Guide 0i

High Performance for Excellent Productivity

  • Advanced fixed cycles, graphical support
  • Boring Pattern Cycles
  • Milling Pattern Cycles
  • G & M Code help
  • ISO CODE Programming Assistant
  • Powerful program preview function (Look Ahead) for maximum machining speed and accuracy
  • Graphic simulation for reliable control of NC programs
  • standardized milling and boring cycles for simplified parts programming
  • High compatibility with existing Fanuc CNC programs

A wealth of world-class functions in the Basis CNC ensures maximum productivity

  • Port for storage card, processing of storage card in DNC operation
  • Advanced Look Ahead function
  • NANO Interpolation
  • Ethernet Interface
  • High-Performance digital Servo System on all axes
  • optional free M Codes
  • optional relay outputs
  • 512 KB storage for parts programs / Package A
  • multiple languages
  • Advanced help function and alarm/operating archive
  • High-speed Machining: better parts even faster
  • RS232 port
  • Tool life time management for maximum machine utilization
  • process time and parts counter

Standard equipment - Quadrant 1000 - Horizontal CNC Machining Center

Fanuc 0i MD with Manual Guide 0i, indexing table 1°, electronic hand-wheel, 24-station tool changer with dual-arm, chip conveyor and chip container, full machine enclosure, coolant system, automatic central lubrication, work space lighting, signal lamp to indicate lubricant loss, spray gun for rinsing, compressed air gun, operating tools, operating manual and programming instructions

Accessories / Tools - Quadrant 1000 - Horizontal CNC Machining Center

Coolant flow through spindle
Automatic 32-station tool changer
Automatic 40-station tool changer
Linear Scale
Collet Chuck MAS-BT50
  • Collet Chuck BT50-ER32
  • Collet Chuck BT50-ER40
HNCS 100V Hydraulic Machine Vise
HNCS 130V Hydraulic Machine Vise
HNCS 160V Hydraulic Machine Vise
HNCS 200V Hydraulic Machine Vise
De Luxe Clamping Tool Set 14/M12
Power Worker Metal Cutter


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